Magellan Petroleum Corporation (MPET)


United Kingdom

In the UK, oil and gas plays are currently developing in several onshore geologic basins that contain significantly large tight reservoirs.

Magellan's UK position consists of interests in six exploration permits located in or adjacent to the Weald Basin, which is geographically situated southwest of London and which contains multiple oil and gas prospects. In the central Weald Basin, Magellan co-owns equally with Celtique three licenses (PEDLs 231, 234, and 243), representing 124 thousand net acres, that are prospective for oil and gas development from the Kimmeridge Clay and Liassic formations and may be prospective for conventional development in other formations. Celtique Energie operates these licenses. On the periphery of the Weald Basin, Magellan maintains non-operated interests in three additional exploration licenses, representing an additional 15 thousand net acres, that may be prospective for conventional oil and gas targets and which includes the Horse-Hill 1 well.

For more information or updates about drilling and operating oil and gas permits in the UK, please visit the United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group ("UKOOG").

The map below illustrates the position of our various PEDLs. The table below the map provides selected information about each PEDL.

Magellan's UK Acreage Position

Permit Geologic Basin Expiration Date Operator Ownership Interest Gross Acres Net Acres
Central Weald licenses prospective for unconventional development
PEDL 231 Weald 6/30/16 Celtique 50% 98,800 49,400
PEDL 234 Weald 6/30/16 Celtique 50% 74,100 37,050
PEDL 243 Weald 6/30/16 Celtique 50% 74,100 37,050
        Subtotal 247,000 123,500
Licenses covering the Horse Hill prospect
PEDL 137 Weald 9/30/16 HHDL 35% 24,525 8,584
PEDL 246 Weald 6/30/19 HHDL 35% 10,769 3,769
        Subtotal 35,294 12,353
Other licenses on periphery of Weald Basin
P1916 Wessex 1/31/17 UKOG 22.5% 11,535 2,595
        Subtotal 11,535 2,595
        Total 293,829 138,448